Planning for the future can be daunting. Sometimes it is difficult to know which options are best for your specific situation. I can help you carefully review your estate planning objectives and setup a plan that meets the goals of you and your family. Let me worry about the details, so that you have more time to enjoy your time with those you care about.


I can help you and your family settle a probate estate, as well as administer any trusts setup during someone’s life or under their will.

Retirement Protection


When a family member is no longer able to make sound judgments regarding finances or personal care, they become vulnerable to exploitation or serious injury. I can help you make sure that your loved one receives proper care by guiding you through the guardianship process. The decision to seek guardianship over a loved one can be difficult and extremely emotional. I can help from start to finish; from the initial petition to final appointment. I can also help defend those who believe guardianship is not an appropriate action.


Services Include:

  • Wills

  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

(including special needs trusts)

  • Power of Attorney for financial affairs

  • Health Care Powers of Attorney

  • Advanced Directives and HIPAA Waivers